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Should We Announce Our Conference Participation via Press Release??

We recently answered this question from a smart IRO and thought we should share the “Catalyst View” on the topic.  The questioner also mentioned that it seems companies are announcing their conference participations less frequently than in the past. We believe the answer is not about “what most companies are doing” – but what makes sense […]

Why Distribute “Negative” News?

A client recently questioned why Catalyst would recommend sending out a release to our stakeholder email list when it contained “bad news” i.e. a preannouncement of disappointing results? It was a valid question from someone new to the IR role, so we thought we would share our advice more broadly.     For investors, the […]

Who Are Our Investors?

Each quarter investors, management and investor relations teams eagerly await institutional investor “13F” reporting of securities held at quarter end. These reports are due within 45 days following the close of each calendar quarter. Yet 13F reports, mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, leave many C-suite executives wondering, “Why is my list of reported […]

Non-GAAP Financial Disclosure in Earnings Releases

Astute readers of the WSJ and accounting geeks from coast-to-coast have no doubt heard that on May 17, 2016, the SEC issued a new and revised set of best practices for public companies regarding non-GAAP financial measures.   The first lesson is that the SEC IS paying close attention to where, when and how you utilize […]

We Offer a Snippy Response to IR’s Three-Peat Dismissal of Social Media

Responding to an informed blog post by PR Newswire about the black-balling of social media with the halls of IR-dom, we vented our spleen a bit in embarrassment of the position being taken by a majority of IR professionals.   http://irblog.prnewswire.com/2016/03/29/investor-relations-social-mediocre/ Investor relations and social medi(um) to luke warm Posted on March 29, 2016 | 1 Comment Last week, the shareholder […]

Risk vs. ROI in Providing Embargoed Material News to Media

In response to an IR community inquiry about providing an embargoed copy of an earnings release to the media an hour prior to its issuance, we wrote the following advice on such practices that we are sharing here as well.  The specific inquiry said that the Company’s CEO had been invited to appear on a “well-known” […]